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Serbia’s favourite son, our own Novak Djokovic continues to do great things both on and off the court. In his preparation for the 2020 Australian Open, he fought the good fight with Team Serbia, achieving a momentous victory in the ATP Cup!

Nole’s humanitarian work and in particular his dedication to revitalising impoverished schools in Serbia is well known around the world. This year, as we intensify our fund raising efforts for St.Sava College which is opening in 2021, the shirt and shoes which Nole wore at last years historic 7th Australian Open Championship win, are up for grabs! As Serbs and fans all over the world cheer Novak on to his 8th Grand Slam Australian title, let’s put his generous gift to work and use it as he requested, in community fund raising. Click HERE and register to win these exquisitely framed and coveted trophies.

If you are participating in an OZZIE OPEN BASH event and you are making your donation in the form below, be sure to include your HOST NUMBER in the field below.

Otherwise join forces with Novak, the Church and community and make you tax dedictible donation below.

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NOVAK’S WINNING SHOES AND SHIRT were donated to Saint Sava College to be used towards our fund raising campaign. Over the past 12 months, an unbelievable $700,000 plus has been raised towards our goal of $1.3 million, needed to complete the building. Novak’s gift comes at a pivotal time, because St. Sava College is opening in January of 2021. That’s just over a year away! Let’s rally around our Serbian champion as he launch-es his bid for a momentous 8th Australian Open trophy, and let’s put his generous gift to work. Novak’s shoes and shirt are up for grabs! Here is how you can win your own Novak Djokovic trophies, and furthermore, how you can help to use Novak’s gift to raise funds for the completion of the College.


It’s a great excuse for having a bunch of friends over to watch a tennis match, or just a casual get together at any other time you feel like having a bash. Order in the pizza, bake a pita or roast a pig – it’s up to you. You’re Serbian (or, admit it, you really want to be) so you know what to do.

Ask everyone that comes, (and particularly anybody you invite who can’t come), to make an online tax deductible donation to the St. Sava College Building fund. As HOST your aim is to raise as much as you can from your BASH. Just think about it, raising $500 or $1000 is not that difficult if you break it down. It’s just 20 people at $50 each!

Whilst Nole is giving it all he has got on the court, let’s make a huge effort to convert his gift into a substantial contribution to St. Sava College. Make it fun by having friends over for a great time.

Not everyone has to come, but you can ask anybody and everybody to make a donation. The HOST that raises the most money wins. But remember:


  1. Register online by filling in the registration form. Make your own donation whatever it may be and you will immediately receive a 4 digit receipt number by email.
  2. Your receipt number is also your HOST NUMBER.
  3. Shortly after you register, you will receive a text message. The message will contain a short message from you to your friends, asking them to make a donation. It will also contain a link to the OZZIE OPEN BASH DONATION PAGE on the College website, and your HOST NUMBER. Your friends must enter your Host Number so that all donations initiated by you count towards your grand total. That is how you stand to win!
  4. All you have to do is to sit down, scroll through your phone book and make a list of people you want to invite to give. Of course, you will need to follow up and let them know the date, time and place you are having your OZZIE OPEN BASH.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I host my BASH?

In your house or back yard.

When do I host my BASH?

Any day or night from now until 11:59 pm on Sunday, the 2nd of February. So keep reading and register today. We will announce the winner of the competition and also the total raised on Monday, the 3rd of February. Let’s make Nole proud of his Ozzie fans.

Who do I ask to contribute?

Anybody and everybody. Think… Slava. That’s a great starting point. Then think…who would I want to invite to my wedding, and of course, who do I have to invite! Tell Baba and Deda, aunts, uncles, kumovi, work mates, school mates, team mates, folklore friends that you want to make Nole’s gift mean something for St.Sava College and ask them to join in the fun.

How do I ask people to contribute?

To begin with, use your phone – ring the people closest to you and tell them what you are doing. Personal contact is best. No friend is going to turn you down! You are doing a great thing and they will be contributing to a truly worthwhile cause! Remember, even if they can’t come to your BASH, they can make a donation. Send them the link which you will receive by SMS after you register. It is so simple.

How much do I recommend they contribute?

Remind people that every donation counts, whether it’s $10 or $100, or even more. And remember, every person who donates, will receive a St. Sava College Building Fund Tax Deductible receipt by email as soon as their payment is processed.

What do I tell them to do?

Send them the link to the OZZIE OPEN BASH DONATION PAGE  and remind them to enter your registration number. That way, every donation you initiate will be counted towards your grand total.You do not handle any money. All donations are made online.

Can our dance group, soccer team, club or church group be a host?

Yes. Fill out the registration form below and work together if that is your thing. Just imagine Nole’s shirt and shoes taking pride of place in your club or church hall!

How will I know how much I have raised at my bash?

At the end of the campaign, you will receive a list of donor’s names and the amount they gave. The more people you get to contribute and the more you raise, the greater your chances of winning the big prize! But most importantly, the greater your contribution to the completion of St. Sava College.

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