Nole’s gift raises just over $25,000 for the college building fund

Nole’s gift raises just over $25,000 for the college building fund

Thank you to all those who participated in the Ozzie Open Bash and made contributions towards the College Building Fund. A total of just over $25,000 was raised in a jubilant atmosphere all through the Australian Open. Our congratulations to Novak on his momentous win, and a heartfelt thank you for his support of St.Sava College. These funds and the continuing steady stream of online donations coming in, allow us to work more diligently on getting the school ready for opening in January 2021.

External works including the construction of two soccer fields, road ways and parking areas for the complex are about to begin. The ground is a bit soggy at the moment, but we are grateful to God that the downpours of late have brought this perilous fire season to an end. Shortly, the hum of hundreds of trucks per day, over a period of several weeks, will see the delivery of 30,000 tonnes of soil to the site. It will be leveled and compacted to form the platforms for the fields, roads and parking areas. You can see what will happen by downloading the plan view. This work should be completed by the end of April this year.

By July, we aim to complete the concreting work. That means, roadways, parking areas, footpaths, kerbs and gutters. Landscaping, including the turfing of the playing fields will to be completed by October. The 3D image which is also downloadable shows the extent of the completed external works. In the coming months, all are welcome to come and witness the progress.

Download Plan View

Download 3D View