At St Sava College, we will deliver an holistic approach to education. Focus on the individual child is experienced in the broader context of family, school and the Church. Moral and spiritual growth in the Christian faith will underpin the pursuit of academic excellence and the acquisition of life skills, helping to develop the individual character of each child.

Education is the principal responsibility of parents. The school will provide assistance to parents, nurturing the family such that the school experience is extended into the home. The personal example of educators and parents is critical in the formation of the child in all respects. Children will flourish, where parents and teachers themselves grow in virtue. For the Christian, education never ceases.

The Orthodox Church proclaims the good news of Jesus Christ. The solemnity of prayer and the joy of community create an environment enabling children to appreciate the love of God for His creation. The moral perfecting of student, family and school grows out of this experience.

The children will begin each day with prayer in the School Chapel, and they will be encouraged to attend Liturgy on Sundays together with their families. The school chaplain is the school priest. He prays with and for the entire school, and guides students and parents to interact with the world around them with compassion, always choosing a path grounded in Christian conviction.

The mission of St.Sava College is to develop an understanding and recognition of unchanging truth and to nurture virtue in the souls of both students, staff and the parental body by immersion in a classical curriculum and historical Orthodox Christian spirituality, drawing from the centuries old tradition of the Serbian and other Orthodox peoples. Our students will be prepared for higher education, service vocations and for continuance in the sacramental life of the Church – for Eternity.

As an Orthodox Christian school, St Sava College will enable its students to:

  • enjoy a caring, safe and loving learning environment
  • maximise individual potential in the acquisition of literacy and numeracy skills as the basis for a continuing love of learning
  • understand the integral value of self-discipline and academic rigour
  • enjoy the broadest and deepest context of their cultural heritage
  • live the fullness of the sacramental life of the Orthodox Church and come to the knowledge that the Truth – Christ Himself, is sovereign and unchanging
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