God’s Goodness:

“Nothing created by God is evil. It is not food that is evil but gluttony, not the begetting of children but unchastity, not material things but avarice, not esteem but self-esteem. It is only the misuse of things that is evil, not the things themselves.”

St.Maximos the Confessor



“The primary lesson for life must be implanted in the soul from the earliest age. The primary lesson for children is to know the eternal God, the One Who gives everlasting life.”




“Always have peace and love for one another, and instead of rage, learn to say: “Bless and forgive me brother”




“The person who feels the weight of his sins does not notice the sins of his neighbour”

Abba Moses



“Without good works, neither a righteous life without correct and enlightened faith in God, nor our correct confession of faith, can bring us before God. Indeed, we must have both.”




“Freedom in God, not freedom from God – that is true freedom: eternal, life creating, joyous, golden”

St.Nikolai of Zicha



“We are bound to subject ourselves to earthly rule up until the point where we are required to fulfil that which God forbids, and forbidden to fulfil that which God commands”

St.Filaret of Moscow



“Do not limit fasting to simply refraining from foods, because, to fast truly is to distance oneself from evil deeds.”

St.Basil the Great



“Love, harmony and understanding between parents are what are required for the children. This provides a great sense of security and certainty.”


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