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Your registration and donation have been processed. On behalf of  St.Sava College, thank you for taking part is this out of the ordinary fund  raising venture.

Here is some background information for you to be able to share with the people you are likely to communicate with in preparation for your




Yes it’s official! Thanks to the continued support of the community and the dedicated efforts of the College Committee, St.Sava College is opening in January of next year. At present we are in the process of completing our registration application. This is a huge and very serious task. It is also a great joy, because this is what we have all been working towards for some time. A number of professionals and consultants have been engaged to guide us through the registration process which will allow us to legally and professionally operate our first full time day school in Australia.

The registration process ends in March. After that we have a number of tasks to undertake, including the formation of the College Board which will be made up of a range of professionals who will be responsible for guiding the school in fulfilling its mission. Their first task will be to seek expressions of interest from families in the community.  Mid-way through the year, the Board will call for applications for the position of school principal, following which, staff positions will be advertised, applications assessed and positions offered to successful applicants.

The school will open with Kindergarten, and Grades 1 and 2. Thereafter, the school will grow by one grade each year. When beginning a school, it is important to grow incrementally, establishing the culture of the school in accordance with its stated mission.

Internal works and landscaping will be completed by June of this year. In February, major earthworks will begin for the construction of two football fields at the front of the property as well as the construction of internal roads and parking areas.

Funds have been allocated for most of this work, however, it is important that we reach our goal of raising a further $600,000 by the end of the year, to cover the cost of the many bits and pieces that need to be completed. We expect the success of our OZZIE OPEN BASH campaign to considerably reduce that figure.

As HOST there a number of things to consider when organising your little event.

  1. You have registered, which means you have made a donation. That is important. If you are going to ask people to assist this incredibly worthwhile cause, you need to have made a donation yourself, even if it is only $50. It is important to lead by example.
  2. Shortly, you will receive your receipt via email. In the following 12 hours, you will receive a text message with a link to the DONATION PAGE as well as an invitation to donate. Your HOST NUMBER will be embedded in that text message. This link and invitation to give makes asking anybody to donate very simple. Send the link and message to as many people as you wish. Post it on your Facebook profile. The more people who respond and contribute, the bigger your grand tally. And the prize could be yours!
  3. Keep your event simple. Get a group of 10 or so people together, prepare some simple food and drinks, sit down to watch a tennis match and encourage everybody to make whatever donation they feel comfortable with. Make sure you send them the link to the DONATION PAGE. Do not take cash from anybody. All donations should be made online. As soon as donations are processed, receipts are automatically sent via email.
  4. Your guests can make their donations while at your house. Perhaps you might suggest to them, that they contact one or two of their friends to make a donation. All they have to do is to forward the link you have already sent to them, and their friends can easily make an online donation.
  5. Small donations will quickly add up, and as long as your donors add your HOST NUMBER, all their contributions will form part of your grand total. If yours is the largest, you win Novak’s shirt and shoes! Remind everybody that they will receive fully TAX DEDUCTIBLE receipt by email!
  6. Your 10 or so closest friends deserve a phone call from you. It’s more personal than just a text. However, follow up with the text message we will send you, because it will contain the link to the DONATION PAGE and some other important details. Make sure you thank everybody for accepting your invite.
  7. If someone you invite can’t come, ask them if they would like to make a contribution, and then send them the link to the DONATION PAGE.
  8. Scroll through your phone book. Think about your wider group of friends. Send them the link to the DONATION PAGE, and perhaps follow up with a phone call.
  9. This is a community project, so feel free to ask anybody for a donation. Remember, we are all working with Nole and our Church to get St. Sava College built and ready for opening. Your parents and grandparents, uncles, aunts, kumovi and friends will all support you, if you tell them how important it is to see our school finally open. Nobody is going to turn you down.


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